DIY Halloween Decorations

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the team at EarthKid has some spooky DIY Halloween decoration ideas that can be easily made using recycled materials found around the home. hives treatment Paper-mache Pumpkins Paper-mache pumpkins are a great way to decorate your house this Halloween without having to lug a heavy pumpkin home from the supermarket. What […]

Gardening for Kids

If you thought gardening was just for grown-ups then think again.  Gardening is a great sustainable activity for all ages, especially children as it teaches them a myriad of lifelong skills. a cause and effect essay Here at EarthKid we have decided to explore this further by talking to primary school  teacher and mother of […]

How to Make Homemade Paint

Painting is a great anytime activity for children and if you have ever wondered how to make paint then look no further. Here at EarthKid we have an easy homemade paint recipe that is safe, cheap and environmentally friendly. What’s great about this recipe is that it uses ingredients found in most cupboards, and has […]

Water colour tree project

adobe software updates My two year old son is obsessed with sticks. A trip to the park is not complete without collecting at least one magic wand, sword or walking stick to bring home. During a recent walk he scuttled out from behind a tree dragging a gigantic, gnarled branch with many smaller branches attached […]

Another fine mesh: upcycling those pesky plastic orange bags

It’s one of nature’s ironies that cold weather and runny noses go hand in hand with citrus season and its Vitamin C remedy. This time of year the greengrocers’ shelves are piled high with mouthwatering, fresh and juicy oranges at irresistible prices. And every morning my kitchen is filled with the subtle aroma of delicious […]

The Great Pretenders: how and why to encourage make believe play

“Okay, I’ll be the ballerina, you be the astronaut, and we’ll have our tea party with the blue princess in that jungle cave.” Take a few minutes to watch your kid at play and it’s easy to see that they live in a different world to most of us. Kids inhabit a magical realm, overflowing […]

Heard of the Slow Toy Movement?

Have you heard of the Slow Toy Movement? It’s a UK based campaign to promote a return to ‘real’ toys.  That is, toys that are well made and inspire the mind. Toys that don’t eat batteries and cause parental headaches; toys that capture kids imaginations and engross them; toys made from traditional, ethically sourced materials that will last […]

31 ways to connect kids with nature

Do you remember… … playing outside for hours on end as a kid, only finally coming in as the last light of day started to fade? Maybe I’m romanticising my childhood, but I’m sure that was the norm back then. It’s a different world today. Many kids don’t have the opportunity to freely explore the […]

Fair trade comes into play

Why fair trade toys really do make a difference buying research papers Do you sometimes see little knick-knack toys selling for next to nothing and think, wow, how can that possibly be so cheap? The sad fact is that the real cost is not reflected in the price tag. Someone somewhere in the world is […]

Would this wood do?

EarthKid’s guide to choosing sustainable wooden toys So you have decided to buy a nice wooden toy instead of another plastic one. Not only do they last longer, look great and feel nice to play with, it’s the more sustainable option for the earth, right? Well not necessarily. Unfortunately not all woods are equal, it […]